Winter Storage

Store your large patio plants, collectables, sentimental plants and “to large for the house” plants that cannot stay outside during the winter. Winter storage period is October 15 thru May 1. Additional charges will apply for plants after that date.

  • Visitation of plants is encouraged with prior notice.
  • Fertilization is ongoing with two applications of Superthrive. (A combination of vitamins and hormones.)
  • Pruning and shaping as required. Additional charges apply.
  • Fruit and other edibles ready for picking will be conveyed by email. You may come and pick with prior notice.
  • Plants with pests and/or diseases will not be wintered.
  • Plants that arrive anemic and unhealthy will look that way come spring. We will do what we can to improve their health and appearance.
  • There is no guarantee on plants we will winter. We have back up heating systems and alarms in case of power failure. All plants will be stored with our own plants that we are wintering over.
  • Pricing is based on pot size and cubic footage per plant. Deco pots and expensive breakable pots may increase pricing.
  • Pickup and delivery of plants is available. Please call for quote.
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